How to use Firsties correctly

1. Order Before you can enjoy your firsties, you need to order some firsties. Just choose your size and you will have your pair in 2-4 working days.

2. Remove disposable protective film For safe transport, your firsties have a transparent protective film that is very easy to remove.

3. Clean the soles of the feet You don't have to take a footbath every time, but it is advisable to brush the coarsest crumbs off your feet.

4. "Put it on" / step on it Lay the firsties on the floor in front of you and step on them with your feet according to the shape. It may tickle a little when you first use it.

5. "Undressing" It is best to sit down for this. Your firsties won't just fall off, you have to peel them off.

6. Clean Firsties have a unique adhesive layer. It's inevitable that dirt will also find its way onto your firsties. To clean your firsties, you can simply hold them under running water. It's that simple.

7. Use protective foils We have included 2 protective foils so that you can enjoy your firsties for a long time. Simply put it on the firsties and then put them back in the firsties pocket.


Walking barefoot with firsties is good for your health

Barefoot? But you wear firsties. Yes, but still. Firsties consist of only one sole, which protects you from dirt and injuries, but allows your foot to develop with every step and that is extremely important for your foot.

Test it yourself.

Take off your shoes and socks and step on your foot. You will see your foot spread. If you wear sturdy shoes, this is not possible and even unhealthy in the long run.
With firsties you are not only safer and more hygienic on the go, you actually have that great feeling of walking barefoot.