The barefoot shoe – firsties

Experts agree.

Walking barefoot is one of the best things we can offer our bodies. The joints are spared, the senses sharpened and mental health improved. So it's no wonder that many people, primarily at home, prefer the shoeless version instead of spending the whole day in cheap plastic slippers. But no matter how convinced you are of the barefoot lifestyle. Shoes must be at the latest when you leave the house.
Unfortunately, going barefoot outdoors has a major disadvantage: It is more cumbersome and a lot more stressful than you might think at first. Here a shattered glass bottle, there a dog pile and everywhere sharp stones just waiting to pierce the sensitive footbed. A barefoot walk quickly becomes a stressful experience that demands the attention of all your senses.

Anyone who has ever walked barefoot through the park or even through the city will know this feeling very well. You think it's nice weather, so I can leave my shoes at home today. But when you've walked a few meters, you wish you had at least one pair of shoes with you as a backup. At the latest when it turns out to be rockier, rougher or dirtier than expected. So the relaxing barefoot walk quickly becomes an unpleasant ordeal that you long for the end of.
I have experienced this many times and know that there will be many other people out there who feel the same way. That's why I don't want to withhold my discovery from you today.

As I swiped through my Instagram feed and got sucked into the content spiral, I came across a product that will make the lives of many passionate barefoot runners a lot easier. The Firsties.
Firsties are a type of sole that stick to the sole of the foot with a special surface. So to speak, flip-flops for the sole. Completely without straps or loops. When using firsties, the advantages of walking barefoot should be fully retained and the disadvantages of conventional shoes should be eliminated.

So you don't have to put your foot in uncomfortably tight shoes, you don't get blisters and you don't have to worry about how your feet smell when you take your shoes off again. A win-win alternative for every situation. Full foot freedom without fear and stress.
The product concept of the magical sole convinced me and I immediately ordered a pair. I will test the firsties extensively and this time I will also provide you with a detailed report on my experiences.