What causes sweaty feet and what can you do about it?

Sweaty feet are very uncomfortable, but are part of summer for many of us. Spent the whole day in tight and warm sneakers, you quickly wish you could just leave the shoes on. Unpleasant odors that annoy those around you and an increased risk of fungal infections and other skin diseases on your feet. In the following article you will find out why sweaty feet occur in the first place and what you can do to do something good for your feet in the coming summer.

Simply put, sweaty feet occur because the sweat glands on the feet of those affected secrete an excess of sweat. As a result, the hard skin under the feet becomes soaked with sweat and begins to decompose the keratin it contains. The decomposition products that are produced in this process create an extremely unpleasant odor that everyone has surely encountered.
Sweaty feet are particularly stressful for those affected. Not only that the attacked cornea is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. The unpleasant smell of the feet is often noticed by the environment and provided with relevant, mostly even derogatory comments. This can lead to those affected no longer feeling comfortable in social situations or even isolating themselves.

The cause of sweaty feet can be of different nature. In most cases, a regulatory disorder of the autonomic nervous system and oversized sweat pores are the reason why we have to deal with sweaty feet. Of course, a lack of foot hygiene can also be the cause of these unpleasant symptoms.

Whatever it may be. If you are affected by sweaty feet yourself, you should make sure to let your feet breathe as much as possible, especially in summer. This prevents the formation of skin diseases and ensures that no unpleasant odors develop.

If you do not manage without shoes, you should make sure that your socks are not made of synthetic fibers and that your shoes are as air-permeable as possible.

Alternatively, I have an insider tip for you: try firsties. Firsties are a type of shoe sole that is held on your feet solely by your body heat, without any straps or loops, thus ensuring complete freedom of foot. Of course, this means your feet can breathe freely. In addition, walking barefoot, which is simulated by these shoes, has many benefits for your body and mind. Try it out and give your feet some rest and air.