frequently asked Questions

How long do firsties last?

Depending on use, care and love, Firsties can last 2-3 years.
Tip: If you clean your firsties regularly, you will extend their life significantly.

Can I take a shower with firsties?

Theoretically yes, but we do not recommend it. Water prevents your skin and adhesive from coming into contact, so you'd lose the firsties sooner or later. Only when the firsties and your feet are dry again can the firsties stick.

Can I also take to the streets with Firsties?

Yes, of course and how. Firsties was designed to do just that. Look forward to the looks of other people and to the questions and compliments. It is simply innovative and revolutionary.

Can I also use firsties with socks?

no Firsties need pressure and warmth to stick. The socks would prevent your foot from giving off heat and so firsties can't stick. Firsties are real barefoot shoes without compromises.