What does Firsties do?

Do you know that?

The warm months of the year are wonderful. Shorts, T-shirts and tops are the hip and functional fashion of this time. Why? So we don't get hot.

But what are the feet doing? And here's the problem.

So far the only options were:


Shoes & Sneakers

Most people just wear sneakers in the summer. They give you security and a good feeling, but what is that smell? Sturdy shoes mean, especially in summer, cheese feet. Shoes also constrict your feet, worse, they can deform your feet over time.


Well-known and popular with the Romans. A firm sole and open shoes ensure enough air circulation, but the design?
Chic is different. Some would even go so far as to classify sandals as a fashion faux pas.


A very modern type of shoe for people who value both looks and functionality. Both women and men wear flip-flops especially on vacation. But wearing it can also be uncomfortable. The single strap chafes easily and can cause blisters between toes. In addition, the feet automatically cramp when wearing flip-flops, so that it is not possible to wear them for a long time.


As the name suggests, belong more in the wellness area. However, some well-known luxury brands are trying to make this type of shoe socially acceptable. Flip-flops are a must when showering or on the beach, but in everyday life? no Even worse than with the flip-flops, there is a strong cramping here.


Proven to be the healthiest way to run. It can also be implemented in the home garden, but on the street? Dangers lurk everywhere, splinters of wood, broken glass or earth bees.


Don't feel like sweaty feet? Tired of foot injuries? Firsties is the solution.


Unique design

Firsties consist of a durable sole and your beautiful feet. That was it. No straps and no buckles. The sole has a special adhesive layer that makes your foot stick like magic.

Without sweat and without cramps

Thanks to the special adhesive layer, firsties stick to your foot until you "take them off". Your foot can relax and you can enjoy walking barefoot.

safety first

Walking barefoot is a great feeling of freedom. With Firsties, you can experience it without getting your feet dirty or kicking yourself.


Easy application

Firsties are as awesome as they are simple. Take off the foil, climb on it and start walking. We have 5 double sizes that you are welcome to tailor.