The three best shoes for summer

In the summer, most people attach great importance to it, to wear loose and airy shoes that also go perfectly with almost every outfit in terms of style. Today we want to present you with a compilation of the most comfortable summer shoes.

1. Birkenstock
A shoe that couldn't be simpler. Birkenstocks combine a sustainable product concept with an unmistakable look that creates recognition value. Many people have been using Birkenstocks for years, which are mostly made of natural leather and cork. Especially with the younger generation or in doctor's offices, these classic sandals have long been part of their everyday companions, which is probably due to the anatomically favorable footbed. A very comfortable shoe that also looks great outdoors. Birkenstocks round off your summer outfit perfectly and ensure that your feet feel free and airy. A timeless classic for men and women, which should define some outfits again this summer.

2. Firsties
The Firsties are a crazy innovation that's still waiting to hit mainstream society. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious. Ultimately, firsties are just a shoe sole that sticks to your feet through body heat. The soles do not require any attachments or straps. That way, you won't get blisters or worry about smelly feet after you've been walking around all day.

So the firsties get all the body and mind benefits of walking barefoot, while even protecting your delicate footbed from dirt or objects that could damage your feet. With firsties you can walk barefoot without having to worry about dirty, rough or sharp surfaces. An invention that has a lot of potential and may already be seen on one or the other foot this summer.

3. Converse Chucks
The comfortable shoes from the Converse brand are classic and stylish and should be found in almost every summer wardrobe this summer. The shoes have been among the coolest sneakers you can wear for decades. They go with dresses, skirts and trousers and can be combined in both chic and casual outfits. An airy shoe with cult status that is ideal for summer.