The best shoes for summer 2022

Have you ever heard of firsties?

A shoe that sticks to the soles of your feet, protecting you from dangerous surfaces without having to crawl into tight, stuffy shoes. As a self-confessed barefoot runner, I suspect that this ingenious invention will accompany me through the coming summer.

Firsties combine the benefits of walking barefoot with the comprehensive protection that shoes give us. They protect against pointed, sharp and unpleasant surfaces, but allow so much air to the feet that it feels like walking barefoot.

You can imagine how interested and excited I was when I first heard about Firsties. Although I like to walk barefoot, and I do so quite often, I keep coming across surfaces that do not allow me to enjoy barefoot walking. The firsties seem to offer the solution for this and open up a middle ground for me.

Of course, the black pads that you wear under your feet look somehow unusual and maybe even a bit strange at first. But that's only because you don't know this type of shoe. You can think of firsties as strapless flip-flops that magically stick to the soles of your feet.

If you're new to firsties, you'll understand when I say that the comfort and freedom of movement totally outweigh the weird looks of this great invention.

So far I've been using the adhesive soles as a substitute for slippers and I'm already impressed. I can walk barefoot anywhere, anytime. Whether I need to get the mail, take out the garbage or go to the basement, I just stand on my wonderful little shoes, wait a few seconds and I'm ready to start walking. The best part is that when I want to get back to my couch or go to bed, all I have to do is kick off my soles. Already my feet are as clean as if I had worn slippers all day.

Unfortunately, it's winter right now and so far I've only been able to try out the Firsties at home. However, based on my previous experience, I am super excited to see how my first walk with my new barefoot shoes will be. Finally you don't have to worry about sharp stones, broken glass, bees and wasps or any dirt when you walk barefoot through the park.
I'm already a big fan and I'm looking forward to the first summer walk with my firsties.